I Heart Turquoise Jewellery

I Heart Turquoise Levanah LovesI’m having a love affair with turquoise jewellery at the moment, my inner magpie is seeking it out. My uncle bought me a pair of turquoise drop earrings for my birthday last year and I’ve managed to find a couple of pieces in Accessorize lately that make them look like a set.

Turquoise brings out the ‘hippy’ side of my personality, my Phoebe from Friends piling on all the rings and necklaces in one go and somehow getting away with it. In a way I feel like it is sort of out there, maybe because it is so often speckled and cracked. It’s a tad rebellious with its speckled orange bits, a little outlandish and proud to be. But paired with silver it gives it a certain sophistication.

The ring needs a short neat nude coloured manicure to set it off, any kind of colour and I’m back to tarot cards at the fair. I can’t decide how I like the earrings more – hair up or down and the necklace is so delicate it needs a crisp white shirt (my fashion holy grail item – when oh when will I find one that’s perfect?!) to really make it pop. Sidenote: the Turquoise that I prefer is definitely more green than it is blue.

Turquoise Jewellery is definitely having a moment in casa LL, what do you think?

I’m in the mood to add a bracelet to the trio, let me know if you’ve seen any good ones!



Accessorise Ring| Drop Earrings (similar here) | Delicate Circular Necklace (check in-store, can’t find on the website)