Wedding Rings

Rings are like your wedding dress and like men; you know when you’ve found ‘The One’. Unlike my engagement ring, which I adore, my wedding ring is something I get to choose myself. I’m glad that Chris chose my engagement ring, because the task of knowing what I want in a wedding ring is harder than it looks, so I can only imagine the indecision that plagued my fiancé!

Where to start? Well I began with some googling and I came across Christopher Stoner. They are an award winning bespoke jewellers based in Harrogate, and some of the most gorgeous rings graced the pages of the site.

Wedding Rings| Levanah LovesI fell in love with the Round Brilliant Cut Diamond Ring, it was simple and elegant. I want a wedding ring that compliments my engagement ring and I think that a plain ring won’t make the best of the beauty of the diamond. There is a slight dip around the diamond too, so this would need to be reflected in the wedding ring.

Wedding Rings| Levanah LovesWedding Rings| Levanah LovesAbove are a couple of other wedding rings, I absolutely love these too. I like the idea of creating something just for me that was a complete one-off piece, and that you could make what you wanted for your budget. Christopher Stoner can also re-design current pieces of jewellery that you don’t like, into something you will actually wear. I might employ them to turn a couple of family rings that have been passed down to me to make them into one piece on jewellery, like a necklace.

I then wondered if I could find something I liked on the high street that would match my brief. I found one that I loved in Ernest Jones (excuse the chipped nails!). It was a beautiful 18ct white gold diamond set shaped ring but it didn’t quite sit flush to my engagement ring. However, it did confirm to me however that I really wanted a dip and diamonds in my wedding ring.

Wedding Rings| Levanah LovesTurns out I wanted a very specific ring, picky girl that I am. On my best friend’s recent hen do, one of the other bridesmaids recommended a company she was using for a bespoke wedding ring in our area called Goldfinger Rings. They do at home consultations and make the ring exactly to your specifications. They bring hundreds of dummy rings for you to see what width, style and finish you want.

Wedding Rings| Levanah Loves Wedding Rings| Levanah LovesWedding Rings| Levanah LovesWedding Rings| Levanah Loves Wedding Rings| Levanah Loves Wedding Rings| Levanah Loves Wedding Rings| Levanah Loves Wedding Rings| Levanah LovesOur consultant Jo was absolutely lovely, staying until we had a perfect idea of what we wanted. I think we are definitely going to go with them for the final rings. The below ring is the one I really fell in love with.

Wedding Rings| Levanah LovesI will show you the final result post-wedding day.

The wedding is getting closer by the second, and I’m loving the planning process!