LL: ‘That’ Jacket

'That' Jacket

‘That’ Jacket

I ummm and ahhed over this purchase for a while. I’d watched Made in Chelsea when Louise wore the £70 Zara version which promptly sold out and didn’t think it was all that. But then I started seeing it everywhere. Every other high street shop did a copy and drew me in. Thing is though the ones that I saw didn’t have what I wanted. Jackets, like blazers, only look good on me if they have a collar. I toyed with buying the River Island one I saw on a friend, but the upturned sleeves and boxiness did nothing for me.

Then I found my saviour in New Look.  For just £44.99, faux leather sleeves and military esque detailing was mine. Whenever I wear it I feel as though I’m off on a little jaunt to the country (a girl can dream).

I was worried that I wouldn’t wear it and it would become another one of those things that hangs solemnly in the wardrobe. But it actually goes with everything and I find myself throwing it on at every opportunity. I’ve worn it with a jumper underneath and it is surprisingly warm for a cotton jacket.

My favourite outfit so far has been with jeans and an equestrian inspired shirt, also from New Look, plus my berry coloured wedges from Primark.

What do you think? Do you own this famous jacket?



'That' Jacket again

‘That’ Jacket again