Superdry Makeup

Superdry Makeup

Firstly let me make a confession, I’m not a Superdry kind of gal. I own two t-shirts just so I could see what all the fuss was about, but to be honest I’m not that enamoured. However, when I heard they were producing a beauty line – that was definitely something I can get on board with. Fast forward a few weeks and I got the chance to try out some of the products.

Superdry are definitely unique in their packaging, and with prices ranging from £2.00-£20.00 the products are affordable little luxuries. I think what is hard with some brands when deciding to do a beauty line is getting the balance right between quality and price. The level of detail on the packaging to retain Superdry’s innate sense of cool is very well thought out; the Japanese signage, which is synonymous with the brand, has been transferred well. The mix of textured cross-hatching, craft card, neon and metal give the range a retro industrial sophistication not seen in other fashion beauty lines.

So onto the products. I got sent nail files*, a Coconut Lip Fix*, Lip Paint in Flamingo* and tweezers*. The nail files are pretty standard but the tweezers are as good as any high-end brand. They grab hairs well, have a rubberised coating for a secure grip and are shaped nicely to the hand, which made them comfortable to hold. The Lip Paint, essentially a lipstick, has amazing staying power and a lovely pigmented lightweight formula, but I found on me that their opaque nature showed up any dryness if your lips aren’t in great condition. That’s where the hero product of the range comes in – The Lip Fix. These relieve and moisturise lips whilst priming them ready for subsequent lip products. This was my favourite product; the Coconut smell is so good. The texture of these is a combination of the thickness of Lanolips and the smoothness of Vaseline. Super moisturising, it leaves a lovely hydrating film that protects your lips.

Superdry’s first foray into beauty has been successful; essentially the fashion lines have been bottled into beauty products. If you want fashion for your face, then this range will be right up your street.

What do you think of the range? Will you be purchasing anything?



*PR Samples