Snack Selections

Snacks are some of my favourite kinds of foods; those in-between meals are the things that keep me going. I’ve talked about my Eating Habits before and there is many a time when I’m a good girl and I choose fruit but other times I want something different. So these are some new snack ideas that I’ve recently come across that I wanted to share with you!

Savoury 9Bars, RRP 65p, available at Waitrose Supermarket &

Levanah Loves 9BarsLevanah Loves 9Bars 2Definitely one to try if you are a savoury lover, these Savoury 9Bars* really pack a punch. Handmade in Wales, they are the most widely distributed mixed seed bars in the UK. They are full of super seeds like sunflower, pumpkin and sesame to give you a boost of energy. I find seeds a bit annoying but these are great for snacking on-the-go, as they don’t end up everywhere. They are gluten, dairy and wheat free which is a great plus, but to (I assume) hold them together they use glucose syrup. I’m not too worried about it in this instance (there are much worse bars around!) because the seeds allow for a balance to prevent a sugar spike. I particularly like the Anglesey Sea Salt bar for it’s clean tasting salty hint which allows the seed flavour to shine through. And a bargain at 65p!

Itsu Miso Soup Pouches (3 servings), RRP £2.20,, itsu shops & Sainsbury’s

Levanah Loves Itsu Miso Soup Levanah Loves Itsu Miso Soup 2I’m not a lover of Miso Soup when I have it before my sushi at my local restaurant, but these Miso Soups* from Itsu are different. It might be because they are made from a paste, not powder, so you get a fuller flavour. They come in vegetarian and fish, and just aren’t as salty and sharp as others I have tried, which I prefer. I want to like Miso Soup and these are helping me become more accustomed. It’s quite filling and at only 44 calories these are great for those looking for a light lunch or even a warm snacky drink. Itsu is a brand I’m very intrigued by as they are really innovative in the snacking arena. I’ve been eyeing up the Iced Teas and chocolate edamame beans…they sound dreamy.

Shaken Udder Milkshakes, RRP £1.49, Waitrose, Tesco &

Levanah Loves Shaken Udder MilkshakesYou never really think of drinks as snacks (well not for adults anyway), but in the case of these Shaken Udder Milkshakes* you cannot afford to pass these up. Turns out that 40% of milkshakes bought are enjoyed by those over 65 years old, and with all the hoo-hah (that’s a great word isn’t it!) around milk causing acne and lactose intolerances, younger people shy away from drinking the white stuff.  But you shouldn’t! It’s full of calcium, vitamin D and other vital nutrients that help prevent osteoporosis before you’re over the hill  – drink it up lovelies! Shaken Udder blend their British milk with 4 flavours – strawberry, vanilla, banana and chocolate. The Chocolush is definitely my favourite (quelle surprise!), creamy and not overly sweet and because SU use semi skimmed milk they are low in calories too. Love!

Vegesentials Juices & Smoothies, RRP £1.59, Whole Foods Market, Waitrose & 

Levanah Loves Vegesentials More drinks now, but in a concentrated dose from the UK’s first raw vegetable drink brand – Vegesentials. Their juices and smoothies are packed to the brim of natural nutrients, vitamins and goodness because they use a non-thermal high-pressure pasteurization so that nothing gets destroyed. I tried the Beetroot, Pomegranate & Carrot Juice*, which was a powerful earthy flavour with a hint of sweetness. There are lots of others in the range if you prefer something a bit more fruity or savoury and because the nutrients are in liquid form your body gobbles them up and they get to work in under 30 minutes! With a vegetable as the main base player in all the drinks, it also means that there is 35% less natural sugar than leading juice brands. The perfect mid afternoon pick me up!

Metcalfe’s Skinny Topcorn, RRP £1.00, from Pret A Manger, Waitrose &

Levanah Loves Skinny TopcornPopcorn is a great alternative to cakes and biscuits when you feel the need to satisfy your sweet tooth. Not too long ago popcorn was heralded as a superfood, because it is pure wholegrain, contains more fibre by weight than sunflower seeds and could even help up your energy levels due to the B vitamins. This Sweet Cinnamon Spice by Metcalfe’s* is like a Chai latte in dry form, fresh and intense with a beautiful buttery round finish and is a favourite with Beyoncé! At just 117 calories per pack, it fulfills your need to crunch if you are hankering after crisps, but without the high fat content. Wasabi Glaze* isn’t my thing but according to a friend, it was fantastic!

No chocolate or crisps here, just a few picks that might help make on-the-go snacking easier to negotiate.

What do you reach for when you are a bit peckish?



*PR Samples