LL: Alterna Caviar Repairx Treatment Masque

Alterna Caviar Repair Masque

Alterna Caviar Repair Masque

Did you miss me? I missed you uber amounts. Apologies for the absence, but it turns out that life does happen when you are making other plans…or trying to blog.

Ok so you know when you’ve tried a product lots of times and you can’t decide if you like it, and then all of sudden you get a few comments from people and you realise that it’s one of those holy grail type products that you can’t live without? Well that’s what happened to me with this Alterna CAVIAR REPAIRx Micro-Bead Fill & Fix Hair Treatment Masque* (phew!). At first I wasn’t that enamoured, but after multiple comments, it’s definitely grown on me. Having a mum whose a hairdresser means that if she comments that my hair is looking good, even if I think it’s just ok, I do tend to listen to her. Everytime I used this masque, my mum commented that my hair looked shiny and in great condition.

This unique repairing treatment contains a highly concentrated dose of strand building proteins. These proteins along with the water-activated micro-beads fill in gaps and tears in each strand of hair, smoothing the cuticle and restoring damaged hair back to its original state. In my opinion the beads don’t really add to the repairing elements of the masque, I expected them to pop, but I have to say I don’t mind because the masque is really really good. It sort of provided a barrier of protection against my heated styling tools, one thing that I’ve never experienced with a masque before. One downside is that this wonder product does cost £42.90, but a little goes an extremely long way. I haven’t even got down to half a tub full and it’s still going strong, despite using it once or twice a week, leaving it on my hair after washing it over the bath and then jumping in the shower. You can also use it daily in place of you normal conditioner if you wish.

Alterna Caviar Repair Hair Masque

Alterna Caviar Repair Hair Masque

I’ve never used anything from Alterna before and I’m suitably impressed, and it seems I’m not the only one. Glossy hair swisher Katie Holmes has recently become the company’s new co-owner and first celebrity spokesperson, and has said that the Caviar collection is one of her faves. I love that the brand never tests on animals, is free of nasties such as parabens, sulfates and sodium chloride and that the packaging is recyclable. 3 gold stars for you Alterna!

I am definitely having a love affair with my hair because of this masque. The more I used it, the more my hair looked nourished, I’m intrigued to try some other products from the range.  I would definitely recommend this for those with thick unruly, frizz prone hair like me as a luxurious replenishing masque, but those with fine hair should exercise  a little caution as it could weigh hair down. It’s seems that you shouldn’t judge a hair masque by its cover, this is the perfect antidote for those with dry, colour treated hair in need of a hydration boost.

Any other recommendations for products from Alterna I should try?



*PR Sample