Levanah Lusts #1

Levanah Lusts #1

Levanah Lusts #1 

I’m currently compiling this the evening after watching all eight episodes of Broadchurch in one go last night, to make sure nobody ruined the ending for me. That’s TV Marathon dedication right there for you. Anyway, welcome to the first of my Levanah Lusts lists – a compilation of a few fashion pieces I’ve been coveting recently.

Top: These Nude Patent Brogues scream Spring to me, and since flats are making a comeback I figured these would be practical and a nod to the nudes that were all over the catwalk. I’d team them with ankle skimming trousers and a thin oversized fine knit for an androgynous look (in reality this probably wouldn’t work…le sigh)

Bottom Left: I saw this peach Zara Oversized Blazer Coat (can’t find it online) on Olivia Palermo and was obsessed with trying it on. I did and I’m worried that it could be love. It’s quite thick though and I don’t see myself wearing it in the Summer months, and there’s the other minor detail that it’s £89.99. But you know it’s one of those ‘transitional’ Spring pieces, and I reckon it would look just beautiful with maroon in the Autumn. Still undecided – thoughts?

Bottom Right: This is another beautiful Olivia P inspired love, this Zara printed mini skirt is a classic animal monochrome print and Olivia teams her with mutiple outfits and they look terrific. However, my derriere is a tad larger than hers and I don’t think it would flatter my figure, but still a girl can dream. It’s a bargain for anyone who wants to let me live vicariously through them though, at £29.99.

What have you been lusting after this week? K Middy’s Pastel Mint Mulberry Coat was also on the list but that’s like a sold out never to be realised kind of lust. Live within your means and all that…