Woah, it’s been a while. Did you miss me? (Does anyone actually read these?) I missed you all muchly. So without further ado…

I’M REALISING:  honesty is the best policy

Being honest with people is hard, but being honest with friends is even harder. Sometimes there are things you want to say and you worry about whether they might still accept you after, but you have to do the things that are right for you.

I’M TRYING: to eat Clean & Lean

But it’s hard! I made these Bodyism Pancakes yesterday and they just weren’t to my taste (I think Ricotta would work better). I think I’ve really just got to get my body moving if I’m ever going to lose the weight I talked about in my 2013 Resolutions. It’s nearly the end of the year for crying out loud!

I’M LOVING: many things

Including my new first ever (I know…) Little Black Dress purchase, the amazing paella that I had on Date Night with the boy after watching Thor at the cinema, the Nails Inc Gel Polish that got a compliment within 2 hours of first wear and coffee catch up with Mama LL.

I’M MISSING: family

My Auntie recently passed away and my Uncle came to stay with us. Since he stayed for quite a while, it is weird not having him here since he’s gone home. She was an amazing artist and will be missed terribly. The photo above of them on their wedding day reminds me to cherish those that I love. I’m also missing some of the pictured ‘creature comforts’ from home. Angel (top right) and Zoro (bottom right) always make me laugh, and since moving in with my boyfriend I find it odd not to see those little faces by my feet.

I’M DETERMINED: to blog more frequently 

It’s only when I sit down I remember how happy it makes me to type out my thoughts and let go of my own inner pressure to do everything at once, that I realise how much I love blogging. Patience and regularity will hopefully help me achieve my goals.