Iceland Trip: Whale, Puffin, Shark – Food for thought?

Just a quick one with regard to the food in Iceland. I opted for a Hotel with Breakfast to ensure we felt full on our onward journeys into the cold air. Breakfast at the Hotel was more than adequate for a 3* establishment. Meats, cheeses, breads, jams, honey, dandelion syrup, coffee, tea, juice, yogurt and fruit compote. Thumbs up again!

And thanks to Chris picking up an Iceland travel guide in the airport, at breakfast I was also aware of what something else – Cured Shark. If you imagine pieces of shark steeped in vinegar, well that is exactly what it was. We both failed to try it, because lets face it vinegar at that time in the morning before a journey on boats and coaches with multiple rocking involved on top of raspberry jam on toast– insanity. I noticed however that a lot of Icelandic menus are still very Viking inspired – the Cured Shark I assume being a dish born out of necessity to preserve food.

So the first night after our City Sightseeing and Golden Circle Trip, we ate…pizza. I know, I know but in my defence it was cooked fresh in a wood-burning oven and was delicious anyway.

Iceland Trip Food for thoughtThere were a lot of sushi restaurants (being next to the sea has it’s advantages) and high end venues, so if you go or have been, let me know in the comments below anywhere you would recommend.

The next night we had…steak. A beautifully cooked steak, that was lovely.

Iceland Trip Food for Thought IMG_3198 IMG_3199Usually when I go on holiday I like to try local cuisine to really experience the culture and all that goes with it. However, on this occasion Puffin and Whale graced the menu. Chris was all up for trying it and then decided against it (he is definitely more adventurous than I), but having seen Puffin and Whales in their natural habitat just that morning, we thought it seemed odd and wrong. Icelanders seem to think that Whale Watching and Whale Hunting/Eating can coincide with each other. I disagree and think it is maybe a vicious circle that they as a culture have become conditioned by, adhering to the heritage of the country and also responding to supply and demand. Puffins also happen to be the national symbol of Iceland, so to hold them in such regard and then also eat them, is very juxtaposed in my opinion.

Our last morning we spent a couple of hours wondering up and down the high street buying souvenirs and milling about. We had a quick pit stop for cake. I chose the Apple cake, which came warm, layered with caramel sauce and cold cream on the side. Delightfully dreamy.

Iceland Trip Food for Thought I’d really love to get your opinion on the Whale/Puffin debate. Are you for or against?