Iceland Trip: Beauty in The Blue Lagoon and Whale Watching

Day 2 spent in Iceland started up early to go Whale Watching, followed by a trip to The Blue Lagoon, Iceland’s most popular tourist destination. I must admit I didn’t really think through what to take with me beauty wise, as my face was having a little spotfest/meltdown due to a reaction to some antibiotics I was on. So I forgot my favourite Lanolips lipbalm AND Brocato Cloud 9 handcream, big mistake. I had to do with some Malin+Goetz Vitamin E Face moisturiser and Vitamin B5 Body moisturiser and Soap and Glory Sexy Mother Pucker Gloss Stick in Raplumsel, all of which I was glad to have with me on the Whale Watching morning, and I would purchase them all again.

IMG_0204 IMG_0205Dressed head to toe in warm waterproof provided overalls, I was completely snug. This is not the time to be precious about your makeup, from my experience I learnt it is best to wear super long lasting water resistant everything or absolutely none at all. Wear at hat and gloves are needed if you don’t want your hands to seize up whilst taking pictures from the icy splash coming from every angle. After much patience, a far glance at some Puffins and a bit of a chase, we finally saw a minke whale. It’s not what I imagined as pictures of what you may encounter sometimes can be deceiving, but it was magical all the same.

After a little snooze on the warm tour bus, Chris woke me up to the sight of what he liked to call ‘The Moon’. As far as the eye could see, black lava rubble covered in green moss clustered over the land. Then all of a sudden pale milky blue water appeared sunken in to the crumbled earth like something out of a sci-fi movie. Beautifully awe-inspiring.

IMG_0214At the Blue Lagoon you can opt to walk around a specified part, which ends with you overlooking the bathing area or you can go in. We opted to go in to take a dip, and I’m so glad we did. Notes to you my dear reader if you go, you might want to take your own towel (although in retrospect I’m glad we didn’t as I wouldn’t have wanted to carry a wet towel around with me the rest of the day) and prebook your ticket online to avoid the queue. We opted for the Comfort ticket, which worked out at just over £55 each and included a soft robe, towel, drink, a scrub or algae masque and a money off voucher for the Blue Lagoon skincare range. This was definitely worth it; I feel it really enhanced our experience. Everything is put on an electronic wristband to make your life easier. Scan and go.

Get into your bathing costume, remove your eye makeup (I didn’t oops!), take your towel and robe with you to the shower area, shower, put on your robe and carry your towel through to the other side of the lagoon. Oh and the lagoon is pretty bright (hence some of the squinty photos!) so maybe grab your sunglasses! Outside before you step in, are hangers for your towel and robe. Then immerse yourself in the 37-39°c water, made up of ⅔ saltwater and ⅓ fresh water. It is really quite hot but so relaxing. I plunged my face into the water to try and help my crazy spotty face. The geothermal seawater that originates from 2000 metres and 240°c underground, is rich in minerals, silica and algae, which are known for their positive effects on skin, taking away aches and having anti-ageing properties. There is no chlorine in the lagoon as the water has it’s own self cleaning ecosystem of bacteria, replenished every 40 hours. My favourite however was the silica. After a drink at the swim up bar, I left Chris to go for a little exploration to find the white silica mud located in wooden boxes around the lagoon. Slap it on good and thick all over your body, especially any problem areas as it helps to repair and treat your skin.

The Blue Lagoon is fantastic if you suffer from psoriasis or eczema, and doctors actually prescribe you to go in Iceland if you have either of these conditions. Leave it on for a few minutes then rinse off under the waterfall which doubles as an energising massage. Go to the steam bath carved into the lava cave and do spend some time checking out the saunas, or have an in-water spa treatment (looked cool but be prepared to pay). After my algae mask and Chris’s volcanic scrub and spending a good 3½ hours lagoon-ing about, we decided we’d had enough. FYI there are a lot of women in the ladies changing room who don’t mind walking round in what God gave them, so be prepared if you don’t come from a ‘Naked House’ as Charlotte from SATC would say. Back to the coach, but not before picking up some Blue Lagoon bath salts for our mums with our vouchers. My skin looked and felt a thousand times better, albeit a little red from the heat.

The perfect relaxing end to a cold, yet enchanting trip. I’d have love to have seen the Northern Lights but we were just out of season so I guess we will have to go back!

Have any of your been to the Blue Lagoon or Whale Watching? Would you want to?

This is the end of my Iceland series, so now I’m planning my next adventure. What is your next must see destination?