Foodie Find: Scarlett & Mustard Granny’s Original Tarragon Dressing

Foodie Find Scarlett & Mustard Original Tarragon Dressing LevanahlovesI bought this Scarlett & Mustard Original Tarragon Dressing at the Foodies Festival I went to and I’ve decided that forever more will it hold a place in my fridge.

It is the perfect blend of sharp and tangy, and it goes with absolutely anything. I’m serious; I’ve had it on fish, crushed new potatoes, spinach and a cold chicken salad. It just melds with all of the flavours perfectly. I’m coming to the end of my bottle and I’m already having withdrawal symptoms. It’s a cider vinegar based dressing that includes: mustard powder, brown sugar, whole milk, free range eggs, cornflour, tarragon, sea salt and black pepper. It is oil free which is something I really like. I want flavour not grease with my condiments.

When I was at the show I met Sandy Ruddock the founder of Scarlett & Mustard, who explained that her Granny inherited the recipe for this Original Tarragon Dressing from her mother and as such it is a family secret that has been passed down through generations. I can see why, if I had a family secret this good I’m not sure if I’d want to share it with anyone! Scarlett & Mustard also make marinades, sauces and infused oils in their Suffolk Kitchen (they are all hand-made, and this is evident in the taste) with the freshest, natural ingredients that are locally sourced.

I bought this and the Rosie’s Doo-Dah Sauce, an oil and balsamic dressing at the festival at 2 for £12. So I’m not sure of the Original Tarragon Dressing’s individual price. I’ve scoured the internet of where you can buy, but can’t seem to find an online stockist to my dismay! But the Scarlett & Mustard website has a stockist finder, so you should be able to find the dressing near to you.

If you are in London, Harrods, Fortnum & Mason and Harvey Nichols stock the products, which is great news for me. I’ll be picking up another bottle next time I’m in town.

What is your most recent Foodie Find? I’ve got my shopping list at the ready!