Foodie Find: Duke of Dehli Chocolate Chunk Dehli Mix

Food Find Duke of Dehli Chocolate Chunk Dehli Mix LevanahLovesSalty and Sweet are a winning combination. Add a bit of spice in there and you are onto a winner! So when I went to the Foodies Festival earlier this year and tried the Duke of Dehli’s new take on Bombay mix, I fell in love.

The Chocolate Chunk Dehli Mix is inspired by the Indian street snack ‘Chevdo’ sold in places like the New Delhi train station, where people pick up snacks before they jump aboard for their journey. I met Asif Walli, the director, at the festival and it was so nice to see someone who is genuinely excited to share something new and truly different with the foodie world.

Food Find Duke of Dehli Chocolate Chunk Dehli Mix LevanahLovesPotato, gran dal, moong, rice flakes, cashew nuts, peanuts, raisins, roasted chickpeas and corn, spices, seeds and chocolate chunks. Yep you heard that right, a brilliantly blended Crisps and Chocolate mix! Now you don’t have to feel bad if you like to pair your Ready Salted with Cocoa Delight, as someone has already thought to do it for you!

It is incredibly moreish and quite addictive. This would be great as a snack during a movie, to break free from the usual popcorn. I have a secret desire to keep one on my desk at all times to negate 4pm hunger pangs. Pick some up at Fortnum and Mason. 

What’s your desk treat?