Fashion meets Fragrance

I just had to post about this. Tomorrow (13th February 14) an amazing and award winning illustrator Clym Evernden will be in Selfridges on Oxford Street doing free live fashion illustrations. Why you ask? To celebrate the release of the new Rosabotanica perfume by Balenciaga. When you purchase either the Rosabotanica or original Florabotanica, Clym will get down to business sketching you in his signature inky style. He’s known for his unique ability to sketch characters live both on and off the catwalk, even Vogue and Elle have used his services. Check out the illustration he did for me!

levanahloves-fashion-meets-fragrance-balenciaga-rosabotanica-clym-everndenAmazing right? I mean I know I’m biased and it is of me, but I love seeing people like Clym use their talents so effectively.

Now onto the perfume. It takes a lot for me to like a fragrance, I’m very picky and get an instant headache if it doesn’t meld with my skin. So anytime I try a new fragrance and spritz it on, I always wait to see if I like the initial smell, then the dry down and the final long lasting notes.

levanahloves-fashion-meets-fragrance-balenciaga-rosabotanica-clym-everndenBalenciaga Rosabotanica* hooked me from the box. It’s so beautifully detailed, as is the bottle. A great dressing table perfume. The brightly floral painted glass gives it an old school vintage vibe, whilst the monochrome topper keeps the bottle modern and current. So did I like it? Surprisingly yes.

I’m not a lover of rose, but this is a very ‘fresh’ rose. It’s got a spicy sort of figgy note too, which balances the floral heady rose element. I haven’t tried the Florabotanica, but Rosabotanica reminds me of Sarah Jessica Parker’s Lovely fragrance (my signature scent). Rosabotanica has the same amber, cedar and musk base as Lovely, for that powdery finish which I love.

A new hit in my perfume collection.



*PR Sample