Detox Delivery Review #5 – Nosh Detox

Nosh Detox

Nosh Detox

I’ve had a few food allergies growing up – E numbers and lactose being the worst culprits. I understand what a tough acclimatisation it can be, so when I learnt that Nosh Detox founder Geeta Sidhu-Robb son’s allergies were the reason she started the company, I was intrigued.

Nosh Detox is an award winning company and their detox programmes are designed to clear your body of toxins and bring your body back into balance. I was supplied with a tailored version of the ABC Programme, which was a 5-day smoothie and food detox*. This consisted of a breakfast smoothie, 2 snack smoothies, soup for lunch and a food based dinner, moving towards more solid lunches and snack nearer the end of the week.

The smoothies I tried out are the newest addition in the Nosh family – the world’s first 100% Raw Smoothie. Raw fruit has the most vitamins and nutrients and these smoothies aren’t heat treated as most smoothies are, so they retain their beneficial good stuff! These were absolutely delicious, I must say I really enjoyed the Almond, Banana, Chia and Oat smoothie and I became accustomed to having a smoothie for breakfast.

Lunch and dinner highlights for me were the Oriental style vegetable stir fry with sesame seeds, Asparagus Soup and the Grilled fillet of Sea Bass, served with wilted Spinach and roasted vine tomatoes. I felt a lot less bloated on this detox, my stomach really flattened and my skin looked the best it had looked during my detox service trials.

Do you have a smoothie for breakfast? Let me know your favourites, I need new ideas!



*I was sent a 5-day smoothie and food detox, a tailored version of the ABC Programme.