Detox Delivery Review #3 – balance box

balance box

balance box

Continuing on with my Detox Delivery reviews – next up is balance box*. This one is short and sweet due to the very nature of this service, which delivers a weekend box to you! They also do weekday deliveries but this package really appealed to me, as in the week I can normally be quite good, but weekends can sometimes be disastrous.

On a Friday morning (which is when things tend to take a turn for the worst, let’s face it), you will wake up to your box outside your front door filled with gorgeous meals. Your meals make up 1,200 calories a day, they are all made with seasonal, ethical and market fresh ingredients plus, thanks to the convenient non-spill recyclable containers you can pretty much eat this anywhere.

Breakfast, lunch and dinner along with AM and PM snacks will grace your table, work desk or lap. My favourite meals were the Butternut & Ginger Soup, Smoked Mackerel Kedgeree and to die for Blackened Banana Muesli for breakfast. It reminded me of fluffy banana babyfood, and whilst that sounds gross in theory, the taste was awesome. What I liked about balance box was their menu that informed you of why they were providing you with certain foods and how they helped your body, e.g. bananas are rich in potassium, which delivers oxygen to the brain. I may try and recreate this muesli some how…watch this space.

This kind of detox would be great if you were preparing for a big occasion or a holiday and wanted to kick those last few pounds to the kerb.

Do your weekends consist of eating everything in sight? Please say yes…and make me feel better!



* I was sent a weekend box (Friday-Sunday) for review