Detox Delivery Review #2 – Honestly Healthy

Honestly Healthy Fridge Fill

Honestly Healthy Fridge Fill

As I write this I’ve just polished off the best part of half a pack of Dorito corn chips with salsa, it was messy, unnecessary and…delicious. It’s safe to say all the detoxing I did before Christmas has gone a little bit out the window now that January has come to pass (hey it’s the most depressing month!). But before Christmas I was a good girl and after my juice cleanse (post here) I carried on with the alkaline way of living with a delivery from Honestly Healthy.

Since I did my trial, Victoria Beckham tweeted that she loves the Honestly Healthy cookbook (of which I was also sent a copy* – fab recipes!) and with stars like my celebrity muse Gwyneth Paltrow and also Jennifer Aniston advocating the alkaline lifestyle, it has to be beneficial right?!

I trialed a Fridge Fill* for 3 days eating alkaline foods like Ratatouille served with Goats Cheese and a herby salad and home made granola and dairy free yoghurt. The foods are predominantly vegetarian or vegan and I didn’t miss the meat whilst I was on it. You receive breakfast, lunch, dinner and snacks to keep you going and the food aims to keep your body’s pH around approximately 7.40 for optimal body function.

The HH plan and book was devised by Natasha Corrett, gourmet vegetarian chef (and boy does this show through in the food!) and Harley Street nutritionist Vicki Edgson, who is also Natasha’s godmother. These ladies have genuinely put real thought into the menus and into their recipe book, and they recommend that at least 70% of your diet be alkaline.

I didn’t realize how much acidic foods could affect your body; it can cause internal stress on your digestion and other bodily systems, putting pressure on your kidneys and liver, which help to cleanse your body. Acidic foods are more common in your diet than you may think! Things like pasta, wheat and beans, all dairy products, meat, fish and shellfish are all considered acidic when digested and these kind of foods can affect your concentration, self-perception and energy levels.

Whilst on the Fridge Fill, I felt a lot more…how can I say…emotionally balanced. I tended not to freak out so much about things that were going on in my life and my mood was very chipper! I was also able to focus better on work and felt more alert in general. I’ll definitely be trying to keep up some of the diet using the recipe book to tailor make my own menus, and I would definitely recommend this plan for vegetarians or vegans.

Are you an alkaline eater? Would you like to be? Any recipes you would recommend?



*I was sent a 3 Day Fridge Fill and complimentary copy of the Honestly Healthy recipe book for review