2013 Resolutions

New Years Resolutions

Clean & Lean Diet Book, Bobble Bottle, Brocato Vibracolour Fade Prevent Treatment, Zaggora Hot Top*, Zaggora Hot Pants*.


Happy New Year all! After a lovely relaxing and restful Christmas break filled with food, fun and laughter, I thought I best address the task in hand and get on with my resolutions for 2013. It was harder than I thought…

You see whilst I do love Beauty, Food and Fashion, I’m also partial to a piece of cake, lots of procrastinating and stressing about everything! I had a look through my 2012 resolutions and to be honest, I didn’t really meet any of them. This year though I want to make resolutions I will actually keep way into 2013, ambitious I know! Instead of doing what I normally do – sticking my head in the sand and pretending I’m meeting my goals, but really I’m absentmindedly stuffing my face with Doritos and dip – realistic is the name of the game this year. So let’s get crackin’…

1) Drink more water, at least 1 litre a day. I’m terrible at drinking water, truth be told I don’t really like it. For a while I thought it was just me, because I always thought it tasted really metallic. But since my mum bought a water filter I realised that I actually quite like the taste of it and I prefer it much more when it’s cold from the fridge. So to help me with my quest I bought a Bobble Bottle (£8 in the sale @ Oliver Bonas), which is reusable and filters water as you drink. The replaceable carbon filter (thats the entire lid and long bit inside) removes any contaminants and chlorine so you are drinking the best water available to you and being eco friendly at the same time. I bought the medium sized one which is 550ml, so just two full bottles a day should get me to my goal.

2) Get fit, tone up and lose a stone. This is one that inevitably gets put on the list every year and the one that becomes the hardest to keep, like I said I like food. Helping me out are the Zaggora Hot Top*Zaggora Hot Pants* and the Zaggora Full Body Blazer* (not pictured). Using Celu-Lite™ technology-enhanced fabric, these heat up your body, so that you use more energy therefore burning more calories. Basically they make you sweat like crazy and help you do double the workout in half the time. Zaggora recommends trying out the 2 week challenge, wearing the Hot Pants for 30 minutes a day and just doing normal things like housework and seeing what they do for you. This year I’m going to try and do some actual exercise. Stop talking, start doing.

3) Diet overhaul. Before Christmas I did six weeks of 6 different detox delivery services (reviews coming up over January) and it made me feel so much better. I lost weight, my skin was glowing and the energy I had was fantastic. Unfortunately I then slipped back into a few bad habits, but I really wanted to keep it going in the New Year. I don’t eat bad normally by any means, but I feel so much more pure when I eat uber healthy. I asked for the Clean & Lean Diet Book for Christmas and I also got the Cookbook too as an extra gift, score! James Duigan who wrote the book, has trained Elle Macpherson and Rosie Huntington-Whiteley, and if I can look anywhere near as good as them I’ll be a happy girly indeed.

4) Use up my beauty bits. Honestly the amount of stuff I have is getting a bit ridiculous now. I mean I only have one face and one body. It is my plan to do a sort of Operation use up of body bits, makeup and skincare, and guess what lovelies, the reviews will be going up on here. The Brocato Vibracolour Fade Prevent Treatment (pictured) is a great treatment for use after shampooing to moisturise locks that have been styled like crazy over the party season. This has really helped to keep my highlights looking fresh, shiny and my hair strokably soft.

5)  Stop procrastinating. This is going to be a tough nut to crack. This blog post has taken me a while to write because I’ve been downstairs, had a shower, eaten breakfast and done all manor of other things instead of just sitting down and writing it in one go. But I figure I can at least try with this one.

What are your resolutions for 2013? What do you think of mine – too ambitious or just right?

*PR samples